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Editor-at-Large, Networking Pipeline

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Robert Faletra, President, Channel Group
Tony Keefe, President, CMP Entertainment Media
Vicki Masseria, President, CMP Healthcare Media
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Paul Miller, Senior Vice President, Group Director, Electronics and Software Groups
Fritz Nelson, Senior Vice President, Group Director, Enterprise Group
Stephen Saunders, Senior Vice President, Group Director, Communications Group
All About 802.11i
Learn about the forthcoming IEEE specification that will make WLANs secure.


Keeping Up To Date On Enterprise Server Tech?
Review our compilation of columns on server security, database software, and Linux issues.
Unleash the Power & Opportunity of Grid Computing
Experts will identify trends in grid computing, provide
examples and examine solution options.
Using Current Performance to Shape
Future Results

Hear new strategies for improving business
performance and results.

Critical Steps for a Successful VoIP Deployment
Enterprises expect voice and data network convergence to reduce management complexity, drive down operating costs, and enable more efficient communications. Use this "how-to" guide to effectively assess the current state of your network.

SEC & HIPAA IM Compliance
Satisfy regulatory and compliance requirements for instant messaging.

eBook:Automating Network Management and Compliance
Networks are growing fast, and companies are faced with increasing outside requirements for management - what we call compliance issues. To reduce overheads yet maintain flexibility, companies must automate network management, security & compliance.

Network & Application Performance doc downloads
Free white papers, buyers guide, application notes, industry articles, and more. NetScout's nGenius Solution provides network performance management and application monitoring for complex enterprise networks.

Re-energize Your Email System in Just Two2 days!
INBOX: The Email Event, May 31-June 1, 2006. Discover best options, implement more effecient systems, meet the providers who can solve your system's pain points! Security, authentication, reputation, anti-spam and holistic threats and much more!

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